E.V. in the studio in early '90s

E.V. in the studio in early '90s

The work of Emil Venkov has been focused mostly on monumental realizations, but the period from 1990 - 2000 is rich with many new chamber sculptures made and cast in bronze. 

Sculptures by Emil Venkov – Bronze Testimonies Of Dialogues With Time. The materialized result of contemplations on life, fate and metamorphoses of people, time and the world. The result of self-analysis. The manifestation of the consciousness of personal securities and recognition of one´s own strength but also tumult, searching and desires. Creation as a way, circular line and the spiral that developes itself from the end of the 1960´s up to the present postmodern time. The work, the essence of which is a human topic
    The Emil Venkov´s sculptures are a living organism with interior logic of sculptural composition and symbolic poetics of their human significances. The integration and disintegration of the matter of these plastic arts is fatal and magic. Baroque expression is vivified by the spirit of orient, exoticism and postmodernism. The synthesis of human and animal elements is multi-significant in their overlapping contrasts. Something almost barbarically ancient is humanized and cultivated by artistic spirit of today and vision of the future.

The borders of time and styles of the past are joined in the fire of presence and it melts down the shape of the future world, human and people. The way to this world is edged by fragments of wings and staircase, fragments of feelings and recognition and colorful mosaic of memories and desires. Life, death and hope are hidden in a single statue in the same way, as they are present in every man´s fate. The newest Emil Venkov´s sculptures originate on the landmark of the wanted, possible and inevitable. Therefore, they are his destiny, his meaning and way of life.

Bohumir Bachraty

Bronze Chamber Sculptures

 Emil Venkov developed the second line of his creation – cabinet plastic works – as a balancing pole of his monumental sculptural works. This line today represents a visible and tangible topography of his „emotional atlas“. Not only life with its sensory beauties does belong in it (articulated by charms of a female act and sculptural torso)­, but also transcendentally grasped topic of extinction and death.

 With the fullness of life experiences and events the contents of topic that the sculptor directs to his viewers is also filled. Everyday basis and the myth itself that resonates by echo of ancient message from a wide diapason of topical activities of Emil Venkov. Mythological figures and fantastic idols become a symbol of interior contradictory forces, never-ending metamorphoses that enter and intervene into our seemingly rational destinies... The author achieves the concentrated dramatism of the expression of bronze cabinet plastic works both by dynamic modeling of the shape and by polishing of plastic works to ripe glittering. Thus, the co-director of the artistic testimony becomes the element of light, which on contrast with wrinkled surfaces, cavities, perpendicular cuts and goads becomes the very carrier of the dramatic contents of Venkov´s plastic works.

Luba Belohradska


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