Born on August 22, 1937 in Sofia. He studied on Fine Arts secondary school (1952-57), College of Fine Arts in Sofia (1957-58) and on the College of Fine Arts in Bratislava, department of relief and monument sculpture (1960-66, professor R. Pribiš).

    From year 1968 in cooperation with architecture and based on many reserved country competitions he's realizing monumental works for cultural institutions, medical facilities, churches buldings and modern estates. On the year 1991 he got Slovak nationality. From the year 1992 he lives and works in Pezinok.

    Emil Venkov's works are galleries' mandatory and personal collections in Slovakia, Czech Republic, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, South Africa, France and in Bulgaria.







1972   Galerie Helene Chabeuf. Orange, France.
1973   Galerie des Arts. Dijon. France.
1974   Gallery of the Young. Bratislava, Slovakia.
1975   Bulgarian Cultural Centre. Bratislava, Slovakia.
1978   Bulgarian Cultural Centre. Bratislava, Slovakia.
1981   Museum. Komárno, Bratislava.
1987   M.A. Bazovský Gallery. Trenčín, Slovakia.
1990   Bulgarian Cultural Centre. Bratislava, Slovakia.
1992   Galerie Lotos. Vienna, Austria.
         Bulgarian Cultural Centre. Prague, Czech Rep.
1993   Galerie Lotos. Vienna, Austria.
1994   Winegrowers' Museum. Pezinok, Slovakia.
         Galerie Lotos. Vienna, Austria.
         Gallery. Seattle. USA.
1995   Bulgarian Cultural Centre. Bratislava, Slovakia.
1997   F. Pinel Mental Home. Pezinok, Slovakia.
         Klasik Gallery. Žilina, Slovakia.
         International Centre of Fine Arts. Sofia, Bulgaria.
         Artemis Gallery, with R. Krivoš. Bratislava, Slovakia.
2000   Vanda Aries Gallery. Modra, Slovakia. 

2002 Danubiana, Slovakia
2003   Bulgarian Cultural Centre. Bratislava, Slovakia.